The Feasts of Tre-mang

The Feasts of Tre-mang

"...a project of visionary creativity."

-Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation


The Feasts of Tre-mang is a regional cookbook based on a culture that never existed. Arranged by holiday, it documents the rich history and mouth-watering cuisine of a people who thrived on the lost island of Tre-mang.

Embellished with portraits, maps, folklore, antique photographs, and historical miscellany, The Feasts of Tre-mang is a visually stunning treasure chest as well as a unique cookbook. While the hilarious and thought-provoking customs of Tre-mang shed light on our own arbitrary rituals, the recipes broaden our horizons and quicken our appetites.

The Feasts of Tre-mang is a genre-blending work unlike any other.