Both sizzling and swashbuckling.
— Kirkus Reviews
Food porn and rip-roaring’ll savor every bite.
— NPR Book Review
... tale of culinary seduction...Brown explores the mysteries of flavor with prose that any word-savoring foodie will delight in.
— Publishers Weekly
Most unusual . . . Think Babette’s Feast meets Pirates of the Caribbean!
— Library Journal
Goodreads reviewers relish this swashbuckling romp...
— Goodreads Blog
A swashbuckler of a cookbook, and a romance, too.
— BonAppé
Tantalizing descriptions... may send readers running to their spice cabinets...even as they are entranced by Brown’s delectable tale.
— Booklist
... a novel unlike any other you’ve read.
— BookPage
Cinnamon and Gunpowder reads like Joss Whedon and Patrick O’Brian sailed to Copenhagen together and, after surviving a ninja attack and firefight at sea, fell in love over a seven-course meal at Noma.
— Julie Powell, Author of JULIE AND JULIA

Accomplished and enormously powerful.
— The Philadelphia Inquirer
With lyrical, confident prose, Brown makes August’s dark journey a harrowing, convincing look into the heart of cult life that should linger with readers.
— Publishers Weekly

...a project of visionary creativity.
— Sandor Katz, Author of Wild Fermentation
...a celebration of imaginative eccentricity.
— Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
...the brilliant work of a genius....he’s handsome too.
— the author's mother